FAQ – Rental

Do you deliver and pick up your equipment?

Yes, we do offer delivery and pick up services for orders of $50.00 or more. Delivery fees are based on where you are located in the Columbus area. Please speak with your rental consultant for the delivery fee to your location. In most cases, your rental equipment will be delivered and neatly stacked on a dock or near a door, driveway or garage that is easily accessible to our trucks.
  • Factors warranting additional charges include having to deliver up or down steps, elevators or hills and/or navigating significant distances from our vehicle to the event location.
  • Additional charges may also apply for deliveries and pick-ups after normal business hours or on Sundays and/or if you need your equipment delivered at a specific time.
  • Customer's are asked to advise us in advance of any anticipated challenges so that we can schedule the appropriate amount of time and labor for your delivery, so as not to jeopardize other customers.

Do I need to be there when my equipment is delivered?

Yes, you or another responsible person over the age of 18 must be present at the time of delivery to accept, sign for and confirm the quantity and condition of the items you have rented.
  • Rental orders will not be left on site without a signature and full payment.

How do I know what size linen I need for my table?

For your convenience, we have attached a chart that matches table sizes with linen sizes.

Do you offer tent flooring?

Yes we do. Please see our tent floor information sheet below.

When do you deliver?

We normally deliver Monday - Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. During high peak rental times, these hours may be extended.
  • All rental deliveries are typically scheduled during a 2 hour window. You may request a morning or afternoon time slot.
  • While we want to accommodate all requests, the volume of deliveries on certain days requires us to manage the delivery routes in such a way that we can serve all our customers in an efficient manner and at a reasonable cost.

Do you set up and take down your equipment?

There are certain pieces of equipment that require set up by our staff. These items include but are not limited to tents, tiki bars, staging and dance floors. In most cases, the set up and take down of these items is covered in the rental fee.
  • We can set up your tables for a fee of $1.00/table. Take down of your tables at the end of your event is also available for a fee $1.00/table.
  • We can set up your chairs for a fee of $.50/chair. Take down of your chairs at the end of the event is also available for a fee of $.50/chair.
  • If we are setting up & tearing down tables it doesn't mean we are cleaning up. Tables need to be clear of bottles, trash, center pieces and anything else not associated with the rental order. Additional charges will apply if we are required to clean up after your event before we can pick up our equipment.
  • Please note that all set up and take down fees are in addition to any applicable delivery and pick up charges.

Is the rental rate per day?

All rental prices listed are for a one day rental which includes one day to pick up or deliver, one day of use and one day to return. This policy excludes Sundays and Holidays.
  • A Saturday rental is typically picked up or delivered on Friday and returned or picked up on Monday for a one time rental fee.

What if I return my equipment late?

Returning rental equipment late deprives other customer's of the use of that equipment, so you will be charged for each additional day the equipment is late.

How do you charge for multi-day rentals?

Equipment rented for 2 to 4 days is charged at 2 times the daily rate. Equipment rented for 5 to 7 days is charged at 2.5 times the daily rate.

How far in advance should I place my order?

To ensure equipment availability, we recommend you place your order as soon as you have an event date and an approximate guest count.
  • You may make changes to your order up to one week prior to the delivery date. All changes are subject to equipment availability.

What if I do not use all of the items I rented?

All items that leave our facility are considered rented whether they have been used or not. No credit or refund is given for unused equipment.

Do I have to wash the china, glassware and flatware I have rented? Do I need to wash the linens?

No, you do not have to wash the items you use. We do, however, require you to rinse all plates and flatware and return them to the crates in which they were received.
  • All glassware should be rinsed and turned right-side up in the racks in which they were received.
  • Do not soak any flatware in water containing bleach.
  • You do not need to wash the linens. Simply shake any loosed debris from the linen, make sure they are completely dry and place them in the bags provided.
  • Linen should never be placed in plastic bags or air tight containers for extended periods of time. This can cause the linen to mildew.
  • The customer will be responsible for damage caused by mildew, burns, candle wax or tears.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations within one week of delivery are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 25% of the rental fee.
  • Orders cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery will be charge the full rental rate.
  • Tent reservations cancelled within one week of the event are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the security deposit.

What is your payment policy?

All rental orders must have a credit card number on file. Final payment may be made by credit card, check or cash.
  • We require a 25% ($30.00 minimum) deposit on all standard equipment orders.
  • We require a 50% deposit on all tent orders.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Inclement Weather & Tent Safety

You can have confidence that Metro Cuisine has installed your tent to exacting standards for the comfort of your guests, providing shade and protection from heat and inclement weather. However, if severe weather occurs, tenting should not be used as a severe storm shelter, as Metro Cuisine’s personnel will not be on site during your event to monitor your guests safety. It is your responsibility to act decisively and quickly in the event of a severe weather disturbance that could exceed the tent’s ability to protect its occupants. No tent, regardless of how well it is designed and installed, is invulnerable to the laws of nature. As a result, you will need to monitor the safety of those who will attend your event. Below we have put together some general guidelines that you may find helpful. While they are not encompassing as to the many situations that can occur, you may find that many of these situations will simply require reasonable judgment on your part. Make an Emergency Plan for Severe Weather. You can count on the weather in Ohio to be unpredictable. So it’s just common sense to have a plan for the unexpected. 1. In the days prior to the event: Designate someone or a team of individuals to be in charge of the emergency plan.
  • For a wedding: A family member or a wedding planner.
  • For a corporate event: A Safety Director, Risk Manager, Event Planner or HR Director
  • For a public gathering: A Show Manager, Parks & Rec. Manager or the Fire Chief
2. On the day of the event, your designated person needs to be responsible for:
  • Monitoring a weather source two (2) or more hours before the event begins. (This can be a simple as a weather site on a smart phone or checking with the National Weather Service for a severe weather alert.)
  • Deciding whether or not to proceed with or to delay the event, under the tent, based on that intelligence.
  • Determining a safe evacuation route to a safer location in the event of severe weather.
3. During the event:
  • If a Severe Weather Alert is posted, monitor the location of the activity and be prepared to act.
  • If a Severe Weather Alert has not been posted, and you see any of the below typical signs of severe weather conditions, act immediately. SAFETY FIRST!
    • Lightening strikes with 1 mile (count of less than 5 seconds between lightning & Thunder)
    • High winds that are waving large trees or causing leaves to be ripped from trees.
    • Dark clouds bearing down on you.
    • Heavy rain, falling so hard that it looks like a “water fall” at the side of the tent.
4. If a Decision is made to evacuate, you must:
  • Announce immediately that there is an emergency weather danger and that it is unsafe to stay in the tent in severe weather.
  • State forcefully that this is an emergency, the tent cannot be used as an emergency shelter during severe weather and they must leave.
  • Tell them they must leave the tent without delay and take shelter in the location you have picked out earlier that day.